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Biowulf Seminar Series: Magnetoencephalography in Major Depressive Disorder: Leveraging high performance computing

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Air date: Tuesday, July 17, 2018, 10:00:00 AM
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Description: Allison Nugent from NIMH will be presenting her work on the NIH Biowulf Cluster.

Magnetoencephalography (MEG) is an imaging technique enabling mapping of electrophysiological brain activity at extremely high temporal resolution, with spatial resolution on the order of several millimeters. The analysis of MEG, particularly resting state MEG, is not straightforward, and requires management of large multi-dimensional datasets. As such, most analysis methods employ some form of dimension reduction, compromising the richness of the information present. Even with dimension reduction, applying state of the art analysis methods may require several hours of computational time per dataset. In this seminar, I will give a brief overview of MEG, including the sources of MEG signals, basic data pre-processing techniques, and reconstruction of MEG images in anatomical space. I will also cover several analysis techniques we have employed on resting state MEG data which were made possible through the NIH HPC resources. I will also discuss how MEG has informed our knowledge of the pathophysiology of major depressive disorder and its treatment with the rapid acting antidepressant ketamine.

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Author: Allison Nugent, Ph.D., NIMH, NIH
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