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VideoCast FAQ frequently asked questions

General FAQ - Using VideoCast

All VideoCasts are world-accessible except for NIH-only and HHS-only which can only be seen from computers on NIH and HHS networks. Teleworking staff must use VPN to access NIH-only and HHS-only VideoCasts.

All world accessible VideoCast files can be saved for offline playback.

You may select from a list of video sizes to download. You may also download caption-text or a transcript.

Image of download form

All VideoCasts are added as quickly as possible, usually within a few days after the broadcast. All-day conferences can take longer. On occasion the archive copies are made from backup recordings, which will delay this process.

The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine is the accredited provider for NIH CME activities. For more information, please visit and contact CME tech support directly from this page.

VideoCast events are kept forever on the website, unless we are specifically asked to remove one.

Problems and troubleshooting

Call the NIH IT Service Desk at (301) 496-4357, toll free (866) 319-4357 or use NIH IT Service Desk.

Check your speaker volume and mixer settings. Make sure sound is not set to mute. Check to see if the VideoCast is on a break and wait for the event to resume.

There are several reasons why the images may appear blurry.

  1. VideoCast automatically scales down the video quality if you have a low bandwidth internet connection. You can test your internet speed here:
  2. Your player may have accidentally been changed to use a low bitrate connection. Click on the gear icon on the VideoCast toolbar, then click on "quality" and select "auto".
Image of videocast settings

Creating a VideoCast FAQ

Please work with both NIH Events Management (ORS) and CIT Video to schedule a VideoCast

ORS - Contact NIH Events Management for an estimate and work order number so they can provide event support, send CIT live captioned video and make arrangements for sign language interpreter services.

CIT - Schedule at and provide event details. There is no CIT fee for NIH customers requesting live and archived VideoCasts. HHS clients ask NIH Events Management staff to schedule upcoming VideoCasts.

CIT has developed a live event feedback form that can forward requests to a specified email address. Messages can be retrieved in real time at your event with your notebook or wireless handheld.

Image of Live Feedback form

VideoCasts require captions for Section 508 compliance.

ยง 1194.24 Video and multimedia products.
All training and informational video and multimedia productions which support the agency's mission, regardless of format, that contain speech or other audio information necessary for the comprehension of the content, shall be open or closed captioned.

Technical questions about VideoCast

You can embed a VideoCast event on your webpage, if the event does not have any restrictions on it, such as being restricted to NIH-Only, or having a password. To get the embed code, open the event and click on the settings (gear) icon on the toolbar. Then click on Share tab. Click on the embed link to copy the html.

Image of videocast settings

You can change a URL to start at a particular time in an event, or stop at a time. The parameters are:

  • start: the starting position (in seconds) (optional)
  • stop: the stopping position (in seconds) (optional)

Example: this url will play event 41446, starting at 10 minutes, and stopping at 10 minutes 10 seconds.