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Goal Setting for the New Year

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Air date: Tuesday, December 23, 2008, 12:00:00 PM
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Category: Parenting, Work & Family Life
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Description: NIH Work Life Seminar

As the New Year approaches, a majority of us begin to think about setting goals for the future in both our personal and professional lives. The New Year is a new beginning or a time to start fresh, when new goals, changing plans, and new directions fuel our thoughts for improvement and growth. Yet, even with all this initial enthusiasm, staying motivated, committed, and moving toward the accomplishment of our goals is often very challenging. Approximately 40% of individuals make resolutions each year that involve change yet 80% lose their momentum to achieve their goals within 5-6 weeks.

Whether the goal is work-related or something of a more personal nature, it must generate excitement and be something you believe you can accomplish. The goal setting process can create increased motivation for working toward an objective, as well as frame your perception of success. This seminar will identify the critical elements of goal setting and provide individuals with tools to strengthen their resolutions and clarify their objectives. Participants will develop a clear vision for establishing a course of action to define objectives based on key decisions and priorities, which in turn supports the achievement of their goals. Today is the prefect time to think about the future, and this workshop can be the first step in the planning process.

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