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2025 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee: Meeting 1 (Day 2)

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Chapter Description Position
1 Thumbnail image Call to Order - Janet de Jesus, MS, RD, HHS 0:00:05
2 Thumbnail image Introductions - Carter Blakey, HHS 0:00:49
3 Thumbnail image Opening Remarks - Rachel L. Levine, MD,, HHS 0:02:26
4 Thumbnail image Stacy Dean, Deputy Under Secretary, Food, Nutrition, and Consumer Services U.S. Department of Agriculture 0:08:52
5 Thumbnail image Scientific Questions to be Examined by the Committee - Janet de Jesus, MS, RD, HHS 0:15:07
6 Thumbnail image and Opportunities for Public Engagement - Dennis Anderson-Villaluz, MBA, RD, LDN, FAND, HHS 0:37:03
7 Thumbnail image Closing Remarks and Next Steps - Janet de Jesus, MS, RD, HHS 0:48:16