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The Human Placenta Project: Placental Structure and Function in Real Time Day 2

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Chapter Description Position
1 Thumbnail image Welcome and Outline of the Day - Alan Guttmacher 0:00:05
2 Thumbnail image Proteomics/Metabolomics - Susan Fisher, Lance Liotta 0:08:42
3 Thumbnail image Genomics/Epigenomics - Diana Bianchi, Kjersti Aagaard 0:51:04
4 Thumbnail image Transcriptomics/miRNA - Graham Burton, Yoel Sadovsky 1:47:47
5 Thumbnail image Imaging - Alfred Abuhamad, Penny Gowland 2:31:00
6 Thumbnail image Lessons from the Microbiome - David Relman 3:12:25
7 Thumbnail image Lessons from the Human Genome Project - Alan Guttmacher 3:52:34
8 Thumbnail image Advances in Cellular Imaging - Jennifer Lippincott‐Schwartz 4:26:26
9 Thumbnail image First Steps: Prioritization of steps to move the project forward 5:02:38
10 Thumbnail image Gaps: Discussion of gaps, required stakeholders, and possible solutions 5:45:20
11 Thumbnail image Placing HPP into Clinical Practice: Exploring the potential and current barriers for incorporating the HPP into clinical practice 6:00:20
12 Thumbnail image Summary, Meeting takeaways and plans for moving forward - Alan Guttmacher, Cathy Spong 6:24:58