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Walter Reed - NIH Auto-Inflammatory 2019 (Day 1)

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Chapter Description Position
1 Thumbnail image Welcome and introduction to agenda and trans-American AID network - Raphaela Goldbach-Mansky, M.D, MHS, NIAID, NIH and Olcay Jones M.D., Ph.D., WRNMMC 0:00:05
2 Thumbnail image Introduction NIAID and Welcome - Anthony Fauci, M.D., Director, NIAID, NIH 0:06:52
3 Thumbnail image Autoinflammatory diseases: History and updates - Daniel Kastner, M.D., Ph.D., NHGRI, NIH 0:14:42
4 Thumbnail image NCATS support for network initiatives - Anne Pariser, M.D., NCATS, NIH 0:37:12
5 Thumbnail image Microbiome and immune dysregulation - Yasmine Belkaid, Ph.D., NIAID, NIH 0:48:35
6 Thumbnail image Neutrophils, NETS and Autoinflammation - Mariana Kaplan, M.D., NIAMS, NIH 1:06:41
7 Thumbnail image Sterile or not so sterile? Secret to granulomatous inflammation - Ludmilla Perelygina, Ph.D., CDC 1:28:17
8 Thumbnail image Autoinflammatory Diseases in Argentina - Carmen deCunto, M.D., Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina 1:47:06
9 Thumbnail image A Brazilian Cohort of Autoinflammatory Diseases - Katia Kozu, M.D., University of São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil 1:52:43
10 Thumbnail image Autoinflammatory Diseases in Chile Cohorts and Needs - Maria Cecilia Poli, M.D., Ph.D., Universidad del Desarrollo, Santiago, Chile 1:57:44
11 Thumbnail image India cohort and PID network - Amita Aggarwal, M.D., Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences, India 2:05:10
12 Thumbnail image China cohort, existing structure and needs - Caifeng Li, M.D., Beijing Children's Hospital, China 2:14:12
13 Thumbnail image Boot camp Genetics - Hal Hoffman, M.D., Rady Children's Hospital & UC San Diego 2:24:47
14 Thumbnail image How to order and how to interpret genetic data - Ivona Aksentijevich, M.D., NHGRI, NIH 2:48:42
15 Thumbnail image Autoinflammatory diseases of the adult, Schnitzler’s, adult-onset CAPS - Helen Lachmann, M.D., University College London 3:21:06
16 Thumbnail image Autoinflammatory diseases of the adult, adult Still’s disease - Jack Cush, M.D., Baylor Research Institute 3:36:55
17 Thumbnail image Treatment of patients with PFAPA - Kalpana Manthiram, M.D., NHGRI, NIH 4:01:48
18 Thumbnail image Patients difficult to treat MKD/HIDS - Anna Simon, M.D., Ph.D., Radboud University, Nijmegen, Netherlands 4:18:27
19 Thumbnail image Autoinflammatory Interferonopathies (CANDLE and SAVI) - Raphaela Goldbach-Mansky, M.D., NIAID, NIH 4:39:10
20 Thumbnail image Diagnosis and management of Behçet’s disease - Erkan Demirkaya, M.D., Western University, Victoria Children’s Hospital, Canada 5:01:40
21 Thumbnail image Diagnosis and management of HA20 - Ron Laxer, M.D., Hospital for SickKids & University of Toronto, Canada 5:24:13
22 Thumbnail image Diagnosis and treatment of the “undifferentiated patient” - Paul Brogan, M.D., Great Ormond Street Hospital, London, UK 5:39:34
23 Thumbnail image Diagnosis and treatment of the “undifferentiated patient” - Fatma Dedeoglu, M.D., Boston Children's Hospital 6:00:24
24 Thumbnail image How to engage the adult rheumatologist in care of autoinflammatory disease patients - Patience White, M.D., GWU and Jack Cush, M.D., Baylor 6:19:40
25 Thumbnail image Cellular therapies for Immunedysregulatory and autoinflammatory diseases - Luigi Notarangelo, M.D., NIAID, NIH, Dennis Hickstein, M.D., NCI, NIH, Harry Malech, M.D., NIAID, NIH, Olcay Jones, M.D., PhD.,WRNMMC 6:53:24