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Howard Gadlin Lecture - September 2019 (NIH Only)

Air date: Tuesday, September 24, 2019, 2:00:00 PM
Time displayed is Eastern Time, Washington DC Local
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Description: The NIH Howard Gadlin Lecture Series

Howard Gadlin retired in December, 2015, after 17 years as the Director of the NIH Officer of the Ombudsman, Center for Cooperative Resolution. During his tenure, Dr. Gadlin worked within the NIH scientific and administrative communities to conceptualize, build, and expand the NIH Office of the Ombudsman, Center for Cooperative Resolution into a full-service collaboration and conflict engagement resource. Dr. Gadlin constantly encouraged individuals and group to find new ways to constructively disagree, collaborate, and resolve difficult conflicts – both individual and systemic – that threaten organizational operations and scientific discovery.

In honor of the many contributions Dr. Howard Gadlin made to the NIH Office of the Ombudsman, Center for Cooperative Resolution, and his impact on the NIH community, Dr. Francis Collins, NIH Director, established the “Gadlin Lecture Series”. Each year a guest speaker will make a presentation to the NIH community. The speakers and lecture topics will embody Dr. Gadlin’s deep commitment to creating an organizational environment that encourages scholarship, intellectual curiosity, collaboration, creative problem-solving, disagreement, dissent, fairness and respect for all people.
Author: Dr. Rita Charon
Runtime: 1 hour