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The World Health Organization’s Alma-Ata Declaration of 1978: What Was It Then, Where Is It Now?

Air date: Thursday, October 17, 2019, 2:00:00 PM
Time displayed is Eastern Time, Washington DC Local
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Description: Special Lecture in Honor and Memory of Elizabeth Fee (1946-2018):

The adoption of the Alma-Ata Declaration in September 1978 has been regarded by many as one of the shining moments in the history of international and global health. It was the occasion for the World Health Organization, the United Nations Children’s Fund, and 134 signatory nations to declare the goal of “Health for All by 2000” along with strong commitments to “development in the spirit of social justice” and to “essential health care” that was “universally accessible” and an integral part of “the overall social and economic development of the community.” This lecture will review the pre-history and history of the Alma-Ata declaration and will assess recent developments in the early twenty-first century in an attempt to offer a prognosis for the future role of Alma-Ata principles in the world of global health.
Author: Ted Brown, PhD, Professor of History and Medical Humanities, University of Rochester
Runtime: 1 hour