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Change - It's Time To Stop Driving Change And Start Growing It! (NIH Only)

Air date: Thursday, September 28, 2017, 10:00:00 AM
Time displayed is Eastern Time, Washington DC Local
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Description: The Office of Research Services will be providing a 3 part Professional Seminar Series for their employees. Part 2 will be Change. The key objectives to be conveyed will be:

-Learning to utilize a "gardeners" mentality toward change

-Using 3 simple questions to initiate a change

-Discovering the 4 key elements required to start the growth of any change

-Identifying the "3Ps" that must be addressed by leaders to help any change move forward on a daily basis

-Determining where resources can be reallocated to nurture the continued growth of a change

-Leveraging the motivation that comes from small wins in the change process
Author: Jones Loflin, Speaker, Trainer and Author
Runtime: 2 hours