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The White House Summit and Research Forum on Improved Health and Fitness for Americans with Disabilities

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1 Thumbnail image Welcoming Remarks and Introductions - Alan Guttmacher, MD, Director, NICHD, NIH 0:03:59
2 Thumbnail image PANEL: Exercise Physiology and Children with Disabilities - Craig McDonald, MD, UC Davis, Diane Damiano, MD, Clinical Center, NIH, Dan Michael Cooper, MD, UC Irvine 0:17:33
3 Thumbnail image PANEL: Nutritional Science Perspective and Children with Disabilities - Daniel Raiten, PhD, NICHD, NIH, Anne Bartholomew, MS, RD, USDA, Alison Steiber, PhD, RDN, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics 1:37:23
4 Thumbnail image PANEL: Psychology, Motivation and Environment Perspective and Children with Disabilities - James Rimmer, University of Alabama, Valerie Maholmes, NICHD, NIH, Kenneth Resnicow, University of Michigan 3:02:09
5 Thumbnail image PANEL: Measuring Outcomes in Children with Disabilities - Margaret Turk, SUNY, Alan Jette, Boston University, Christopher Forrest, University of Pennsylvania 4:16:04
6 Thumbnail image Research Forum Summation - Craig McDonald, University of California, Daniel Raiten, NICHD, NIH, James Rimmer, Lakeshore Foundation, Margaret Turk, SUNY 5:25:34
7 Thumbnail image Next Steps and Closing Remarks - Alan Guttmacher, MD, Director, NICHD, NIH 5:58:50