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NIBIB Workshop on Clinical Translation of Molecular Imaging Probes and Technology

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Air date: Friday, August 2, 2013, 8:00:00 AM
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Description: Over the past decade in vivo imaging approaches utilizing probes with molecular targets have been developed by many research laboratories funded by NIBIB and other ICs. While some probes and techniques have been successfully translated to clinical applications, most molecular imaging probes and technologies that have been developed to date remain as laboratory tools or in the pre-clinical arena. Challenges remain in achieving reliable and quantifiable results from in vivo molecular imaging tools for use in human diagnoses, clinical trials, drug development and clinical decision-making. This workshop will bring together researchers, practicing and research clinicians, representatives from pharmaceutical companies, molecular imaging probe developers, and experts in regulatory science to promote discovery and accelerate validation and translation of molecular imaging probes to human applications.
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Author: Lynn Johnson, Columbia University; Maren Laughlin, NIDDK; Kirk Frey, University of Michigan; Joshua Farber, NIAID; Thomas Meade, Northwestern University; Martin Pomper, Johns Hopkins Univeristy; Chester Mathis, University of Pittsburgh; Stanislav Emelianov, UT Austin; Gilles Tamagnan, Molecular Neuroimaging, LLC; Kevin Maresca, Pfizer, Inc; Paula Jacobs, NCI; Dan Vigneron, UC San Francisco; Libero Marzella, FDA/CDER; Louis Jacques, CMS/OCSQ
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