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Turning Discovery into Health: The Contributions of Economic Research (Day 1)

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Chapter Description Position
1 Thumbnail image Welcome - Sarah Q. Duffy 0:00:05
2 Thumbnail image Panel 1: Life Cycle of Innovations in the Health Sector - John Haaga 0:04:24
3 Thumbnail image How Incentives Determine What Gets Developed at All - Bhaven Sampat 0:06:44
4 Thumbnail image What Affects the Diffusion of New Technology? Haiden Huskamp and Sharon-Lise Normand 0:24:16
5 Thumbnail image The Difficulty of Getting Rid of Ineffective Technology - Jonathan Skinner 0:47:26
6 Thumbnail image Panel 1 Discussant - Dana Goldman 1:06:03
7 Thumbnail image Panel 2: The Value of Information From (and For) Health Research - Robert Carter 1:42:20
8 Thumbnail image Value of Information as a Guide for Research Investment - David O. Meltzer 1:43:15
9 Thumbnail image The Promise of Real World Data - Anirban Basu 2:03:21
10 Thumbnail image Adverse Effects of Information in Health IT - David Chan 2:21:46
11 Thumbnail image Panel 3: Economic Analysis and Precision Medicine - Chair: Doug Lowy 3:02:50
12 Thumbnail image Demand for Personalized Medicine and Implications for Research Prioritization - David Veenstra and Josh Carlson 3:05:36
13 Thumbnail image Oncotype Testing as a Case Study for Personalized Medicine - Jeanne Mandelblatt 3:24:15
14 Thumbnail image Heterogeneity of Treatment Effects - David Kent and David Kim 3:45:22
15 Thumbnail image Cost-effectiveness of Pharmacogenetic Panel Testing - Josh F. Peterson and John Graves 4:05:44
16 Thumbnail image Panel 3 Discussant - Ernst Berndt 4:27:51
17 Thumbnail image Health Economics Research Priorities at HHS - Chair: Marie Bernard 4:58:13
18 Thumbnail image AHRQ Perspective - Sharon Arnold 5:00:49
19 Thumbnail image ASPE Perspective - John Graham 5:11:40
20 Thumbnail image Mark McClellan 5:25:06