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Video-Based Communal Data Collection & Coding: Advancing the Science of Infant Learning & Development

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Chapter Description Position
1 Thumbnail image Welcome: Workshop goals - Della Hann, PhD, NICHD, NIH and Lisa Freund, PhD, NICHD, NIH 0:00:50
2 Thumbnail image The power of video to capture the richness and complexity of behavior - Karen Adolph, PhD, NYU 0:08:23
3 Thumbnail image The science of everyday play - Catherine Tamis-LeMonda, PhD, NYU 1:29:15
4 Thumbnail image Play and Learning Across a Year (the PLAY project): A model system Karen Adolph, PhD, NYU 2:25:25
5 Thumbnail image PLAY: Protocol (wiki, sampling, video data collection, metadata) Catherine Tamis-LeMonda, PhD, NYU 3:05:20
6 Thumbnail image PLAY: Coding (wiki, foundational coding passes, transcription) Karen Adolph, PhD, NYU 4:32:56
7 Thumbnail image PLAY: Infrastructure (training for protocol and coding, transcription, quality assurance, inter-observer reliability, storing data, access) Karen Adolph, PhD, NYU 5:24:46
8 Thumbnail image PLAY: A model system for the future of large-scale video reuse and the science of infant learning and development Catherine Tamis-LeMonda, PhD, NYU 6:08:23
9 Thumbnail image Closing remarks Rick Gilmore, PhD, PSU and Lisa Freund, PhD, NICHD, NIH 6:43:30