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The Human Placenta Project: Placental Structure and Function in Real Time (Day 1)

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Chapter Description Position
1 Thumbnail image Introductions - Alan Guttmacher and Cathy Spong 0:00:04
2 Thumbnail image Overview of Placental Formation and Structure - Graham Burton, University of Cambridge 0:31:36
3 Thumbnail image Maternal Placental Syndromes: Conditions Due to Placental Abnormalities - George Saade, University of Texas Medical Branch 1:18:23
4 Thumbnail image Current Methods for Assessing Placental Development and Function and Their Limitations - Yoel Sadovsky, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine 2:10:15
5 Thumbnail image Panel Discussion: Shared Pathophysiological Processes That May Be Assessed Using Knowledge and Technologies From Other Fields 2:50:07
6 Thumbnail image Panel Presentation: Applying Technologies To Study the Placenta in Real Time: Currently Utilized Imaging Technologies—How To Optimize or Further Their Use 3:58:55