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NIH ACD BRAIN Initiative Working Group 2.0 Workshop 1

Friday, August 24, 2018, 8:00:00 AM, 6 hours.

Description: The ACD BRAIN Initiative Working Group 2.0 will be gathering public input and assessing the neuroscience landscape broadly to help inform strategic guidance for the second half of the BRAIN Initiative. The working group is holding a series of public, cross-country workshops to solicit input and expert consultations from leaders in the field, as well as to hear from stakeholders in the scientific community and the general public. Workshop 1, scheduled to take place in Boston, Massachusetts, on Friday, August 24, will broadly address human neuroscience through four sessions that will be videocast and open to the public. The workshop will include presentations and panel discussions by scientific speakers, broader discussion with the working group, and opportunities for public comment.

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Author: NIH
Runtime: 6 hours
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