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SPARC Strategic Planning Workshop: Biology & Technology (Day 1)

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1 Thumbnail image Welcome from the NIH Common Fund and SPARC - James Anderson, Roderic Pettigrew, Alan Willard, Gregory Germino 0:00:34
2 Thumbnail image Overviews - Current Approaches, Kip Ludwig - Challenges in Neuromodulation Therapy, Milton Morris – Autonomic Nervous System, Yvette Taché 0:38:10
3 Thumbnail image Session 1: Neural Circuits in Organs and Diseases – Opportunities for Neuromodulation in the Lower Urinary Tract - Helen Raybould, William C. de Groat, Graham Creasey, Nico Rijkhoff 1:49:35
4 Thumbnail image Session 2: Data Coordination Panel – Vinay Pai, Roger Mark, Mark Musen, Stephen Schürer, Matthew McAuliffe 3:13:28
5 Thumbnail image Session 3: Neural Circuits in Organs and Diseases – Ranu Jung, Terry Powley, Richard McCallum, Kalyanam Shivkumar, Igor Efimov, Irving Zucker, Hani Sabbah 3:53:42
6 Thumbnail image Session 3: Neural Circuits in Organs and Diseases – Ranu Jung, Marian Kollarik, Brendan Canning, Sayeed Ikramuddin 6:13:30
Air date: Wednesday, February 25, 2015, 8:00:00 AM
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Category: Advisory Board Meetings and Workshops
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Description: The SPARC Biology and Technology Workshop bring together disparate research communities to assess the following: The current status of functional and anatomical mapping of peripheral innervation in organs. The opportunities for additional knowledge and technologies that would be foundational for understanding neuronal control of organ and organ system function in animal models and humans. Furthermore, this workshop will help elucidate technical and biological opportunities within and across communities in a variety of organs and conditions.

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Author: NIH-OD/DPCPSI/Office of Strategic Coordination
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