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CIT can broadcast your seminar, conference or meeting live to a world-wide audience over the Internet as a real-time streaming video. The event can be recorded and made available for viewers to watch at their convenience as an on-demand video or a downloadable podcast. CIT can also broadcast NIH-only or HHS-only content.

Clinical Center Grand Rounds 

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Ethics Rounds: The Use of Deception in Research: When is it Ethical?

Wednesday, April 3, 2013
Tom Beauchamp, PhD, Senior Research Scholar, Kennedy Institute of Ethics and Professor of Philosophy, Philosophy Department , Georgetown University (2) Case Presenter: Eric E. Nelson, PhD, Psychologist, Section on Developmental and Affective Neuroscience, Emotional Development and Affective Neuroscience Branch, NIMH
388 views (144 live, 244 VOD)
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CC Grand Rounds: Walk This Way: Novel Approaches for Training Children with Cerebral Palsy to Walk Better

Wednesday, March 27, 2013
Diane Damiano, PhD, Chief, Functional and Applied Biomechanics Section, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, CC
219 views (38 live, 181 VOD)
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CC Grand Rounds: (1) More Than Meets the Eye: Developmental Functions of Thyroid Hormone (2) Weight Gain: Can We Blame the Thyroid? The Metabolic Effects of Thyroid Hormone

Wednesday, March 20, 2013
Douglas Forrest, PhD, Chief, Nuclear Receptor Biology Section, Laboratory of Endocrinology and Receptor Biology, NIDDK and Francesco Celi, MD, Clinical Investigator, Clinical and Experimental Thyroidology Section, Diabetes, Endocrinology, and Obesity Branch, NIDDK
258 views (78 live, 180 VOD)
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Contemporary Clinical Medicine: Great Teachers: Mozart's Fatal Anasarca

Wednesday, March 13, 2013
Philip A. Mackowiak, MD, MBA, MACP, Chief, Medical Care Clinical Center, Veterans Affairs Maryland Health Care System and Professor and Vice Chairman, Department of Medicine, University of Maryland School of Medicine
377 views (88 live, 289 VOD)
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CC Grand Rounds: (1) How Can We Identify and Address Social Determinants of Obesity? Lessons Learned from Dallas County, Texas (2) The Potential for Glycated Albumin to Replace A1C in African Descent Populatons

Wednesday, February 27, 2013
(1) Tiffany M. Powell-Wiley, MD, MPH, Assistant Clinical Investigator, Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Branch, Division of Intramural Research, NHLBI and Applied Research Program, Division of Cancer Control and Populations Sciences, NCI (2) Anne E. Sumner, MD, Tenured-Investigator and Chief, Section on Ethnicity and Health, Diabetes, Endocrinology, and Obesity Branch, NIDDK
234 views (83 live, 151 VOD)
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CC Grand Rounds: (1) Psychiatric Symptoms in a Patient with HIV: Co-morbitity or a Symptom of NeuroHIV? (2) P-glycoprotein Function and Neuroinflammation in HIV Infection of the Brain

Wednesday, February 20, 2013
(1) Saud Kapetanovic, MD, Associate Deputy Clinical Director, Office of the Clinical Director, NIMH (2) William C. Kreisl, MD, Assistant Clinical Investigator, Molecular Imaging Branch, NIMH
228 views (64 live, 164 VOD)
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Herpes Simplex Virus: From Encephalitis to Gene Therapy

Wednesday, February 13, 2013
Richard J. Whitley, MD, Distinguished Professor, Loeb Scholar in Pediatrics and Professor of Pediatrics, Microbiology, Medicine, and Neurosurgery at the University of Alabama at Birmingham
406 views (62 live, 344 VOD)
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Children as Stem Cell Donors in Research: When is it ethical? When is it approvable?

Wednesday, February 6, 2013
(1) Michael A. Pulsipher, MD, Director, Pediatrics Blood and Marrow Transplant Program, Primary Children's Medical Center, Salt Lake City, Utah (2) Naynesh R. Kamani, MD, Medical Director, Office of the Protection of Human Subjects and Principal Investigtator, Children's Research Institute, Center for Cancer and Immunology Research, Children's National Medical Center (3) Case Presenter: Nirali Shah, MD, Clinical Fellow, Pediatric Oncology Branch, NCI
259 views (96 live, 163 VOD)
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CC Grand Rounds: John Doppman Memorial Lecture for Imaging Sciences: Imaging Brain Amyloid: Progress and Promise

Wednesday, January 30, 2013
Chester A. Mathis, PhD, Distinguished Professor of Radiology, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
262 views (95 live, 167 VOD)
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CC Grand Rounds: (1) Recessive Osteogenesis Imperfecta is Collagen-Related (2) Procollagen Misfolding in Bone Disorders

Wednesday, January 23, 2013
(1) Joan C. Marini, MD, PhD, Chief, Bone and Extracellular Matrix Branch, NICHD (2) Sergey Leikin, PhD, Head, Section on Physical Biochemistry, NICHD
177 views (41 live, 136 VOD)
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