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Brain Behavior Quantification Meeting

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1 Thumbnail image Welcoming Remarks and Introductions - Dana Greene-Schloesser, OBSSR, NIH 0:00:05
2 Thumbnail image Panel 1: Clinical gaps and opportunities - Clinical populations, clinical problems 0:17:31
3 Thumbnail image Panel 2: Current state of capturing temporally dense behavioral metrics 1:08:15
4 Thumbnail image Panel 3: Current state of the art in invasive recordings: Capabilities, limitations, and synchronization 2:46:51
5 Thumbnail image Panel 4: Solving the challenges of data analysis, specific conditions, and closing the brain-behavior loop 3:50:49
6 Thumbnail image Panel 5: Ethical implications 5:13:19
Air date: Sunday, April 8, 2018, 9:00:00 AM
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Description: The goal of the Brain Behavior Quantification workshop is to stimulate research that would determine how neural circuit activity leads to complex behavior by linking precisely measured behavior with high-temporal resolution neural recordings in humans. This workshop is building upon an early webinar that was held on July 2017, that included researchers that are involved in “deep phenotyping” in animal models and humans, behavior scientists, industry, invasive human recordings researchers, and other stakeholders to receive feedback on the needs, challenges and opportunities in this area of research. This workshop will bring the BRAIN awarded PIs and researchers that are involved in “deep phenotyping” and invasive human recordings into the same space, to facilitate collaborations that will be important for the advancement of research that advance the goals of the BRAIN initiative “to discover how the human brain produces cognition and behavior” (The BRAIN 2025 report). The proposed workshop will feature speakers whose research are cutting edge in each of the areas that were discussed in the webinar as areas of need/challenge for human brain behavior quantification. These areas will be discussed in 5 panels; 1) Clinical Applications, 2) Biometrics/Deep Phenotyping, 3) Invasive Neural Devices: Capabilities/Synchronization, 4) Data Analysis, and 5) Neuroethics. Each panel will be followed by discussions between the panelists and the audience, and help to inform OBSSR and the BRAIN Initiative ICs’ future plans for supporting brain behavior quantification research.
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Author: OBSSR, NIMH, BRAIN Initiative
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