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3rd Annual NIH Graduate & Professional School Fair

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Air date: Thursday, July 8, 2010, 10:15:00 AM
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Category: Career Development/OITE
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Description: Why do you want to go to graduate school. This workshop will help participants determine what sort of graduate program would be the most appropriate for them. Additionally, the workshop covers the preparation of what is needed to be a successful applicant in graduate school; how to seek letters of recommendation, and choosing schools, and programs.

  • Dr. Joel Oppenheim
  • Dr. Nancy Schwartz

  • This workshop will provide you insight into knowing what is needed to be a successful candidate in applying to programs in public health and career opportunities. Public health careers offer something for everyone. Epidemiology and biostatistics involve mathematics and modeling. Environmental health includes a wide range of science skills. Health administration incorporates business and management skills. Health education involves skills required to develop community-wide prevention programs. Health policy includes an understanding of law-making processes.

  • Jacqui Comshaw
  • Allison Foster
  • Michael Ward
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    Author: Sponsored by the NIH Office of Intramural Training and Education
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