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Crowdsourcing: The Art and Science of Open Innovation

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Chapter Description Position
1 Thumbnail image Introductory Remarks, Barbara Alving, MD, Director, NCRR, and Todd Park, HHS 0:04:46
2 Thumbnail image Sustainable Innovation, Tim O’Reilly, O’Reilly Media 0:24:40
3 Thumbnail image Accessing the Idea Cloud, Karim Lakhani, PhD, Harvard Business School 0:52:30
4 Thumbnail image Panel: The Spectrum of Open Innovation, Robynn Sturm, Jennifer Couch, Eva Guinan, Jeffrey Davis, Melanie Leitner, Dwayne Spradlin, Michael Lydon and Carol Krause 1:37:08
5 Thumbnail image Health and Media, Jeremy Kagan, MFA, University of Southern California 3:10:46
6 Thumbnail image Interactive Biology, Adrien Treuille, PhD, Carnegie Mellon University 3:55:50
7 Thumbnail image Panel: Do Not Do It Alone!!, Abdul Shaikh, Barbara Mittleman, Robynn Sturm, Jean-Luc Neptune, Aman Bhandari, Wil Yu, Simon Schneider and Wilma Tilson 4:29:52
8 Thumbnail image Closing, James Anderson, MD, PhD, DPCPSI 6:12:09