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There is no fee for NIH customers requesting live VideoCast encoding and archiving. Optional services such as YouTube ($175.00 per upload), chapter markers with thumbnail images ($175.00 per hour labor) and custom edits ($175.00 per hour labor) have CIT fees.

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Description The National Library of Medicine (NLM) would like CIT to get better abstracts (descriptions) for the events that we VideoCast. NLM is collecting and cataloging most of the presentations distributed through the NIH VideoCasting site. A well-written abstract benefits researchers, as well as NLM acquisitions and cataloging staff, making your event easier to find on the CIT website and through the NLM library catalogs. Please help us by providing a short, descriptive, 2- to 3-sentence abstract of your program. The abstract cannot be more than 4,000 text characters. For clarity, please use correct spelling and full forms of names/words rather than abbreviations.
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