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Microtubule tales: dynamics and direction are keys to neuronal health and regeneration

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Air date: Monday, April 1, 2019, 12:00:00 PM
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Category: Neuroscience
Runtime: 00:58:41
Description: NIH Neuroscience Series Seminar

Dr. Rolls lab uses live imaging and Drosophila genetics to investigate two broad areas of neuronal cell biology: (1) neuron polarity, focusing on microtubule polarity, (2) neuronal responses to injury including degeneration and regeneration.

Microtubule polarity: Neurons receive information from dendrites and send information through axons, each neuron thus has two major functionally and molecularly distinct compartments. They have found that microtubules in these two compartments have opposite orientation in all types of Drosophila neurons. This opposite polarity likely underlies many differences between axons and dendrites, so they are working to identify mechanisms that allow a single cell to set up two different arrangements of microtubules. Neuronal responses to injury: Many neurons must remain intact for an animal’s entire life. To do this, they must be able to recover from injury. Two aspects of this recovery are degeneration of regions too damaged to be repaired and regeneration of regions required for function. They study several types of degeneration and regeneration at the single cell level in whole intact animals and aim to identify molecular mechanisms that control the morphological changes they track.

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Author: Melissa Rolls, Ph.D., Penn State University
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