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The development and Function of Regulatory T cells

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Air date: Wednesday, October 4, 2017, 1:30:00 PM
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Category: Immunology
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Description: Immunology Interest Group Seminar Series

Dr. Chen’s research focuses on elucidating mechanisms of T-cell immunity and tolerance and manipulating T-cell immunity versus tolerance in animal models to understand the pathogenesis of and develop immunotherapy for autoimmunity, cancer and infectious diseases. Among his many scientific contributions to biomedical research, Dr. Chen is the first to discover that TGF-beta induces Foxp3 gene in naive CD4+ T cells and converts them into regulatory T cells (iTregs, pTregs). The paper describing this finding has been cited for more than 4000 times. He has also demonstrated that TGF controls the development of Foxp3+ Tregs in the thymus (tTregs) and has been working to translate the knowledge acquired from basic mechanistic studies into disease prevention and treatment. His lab has recently discovered a way to induce autoantigen-specific regulatory T cells in vivo in experimental models of autoimmunity including EAE, type I diabetes, EAU and rheumatoid arthritis. Most recently, Dr. Chen discovered that D-mannose has a surprising therapeutic effect on experimental diabetes and asthma. Dr. Chen has published more than 100 peer-reviewed articles in internationally prestigious journals including Nature, Nature Medicine, Nature Immunology, Immunity, J. Exp. Med., PNAS, Science Translational Medicine, Cell Stem Cell, etc., and been invited to speak at many international meetings and universities around the world. Dr. Chen has received many honors and awards, including the Scientific Achievement Award from the NIH Asian and Pacific Islander American Organization and the Wang Ying-Lai Memorial Lecturer. He was also a former president of the Society of Chinese Biologists at America (SCBA) Washington-DC-Baltimore Chapter.
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Author: Wanjun Chen, M.D., Senior Investigator, Chief, Mucosal Immunology Section, NIDCR, NIH
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