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NIH BD2K Workshop on Discovering, Citing, Tracking Biomedical Software - Day 1

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Air date: Monday, May 12, 2014, 8:20:00 AM
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Category: Conferences
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Description: NIH provides funding to support the development of many software tools that process and analyze biomedical data. However, once developed many of these tools are often not easy to find because they are widely dispersed across various systems and have inadequate descriptions and documentation. The purpose of this workshop will be to understand the utility of software catalog to the broader scientific community and discuss how best to implement it. Identifying a minimal set of metadata that provides sufficient/adequate information about the location and description of tools will be discussed in detail. Input will be sought from groups that have been developing currently available solutions as well as from the end user community. Presentations, breakout groups and discussions will be focused on identifying the key needs and challenges of developing a software catalog as well as assessing solutions currently available or being developed by the community. This information will be synthesized and used to determine the value of developing a software catalog and if so, help define the initial version of the catalog.
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Author: NIH BD2K Committee
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