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GIS in Public Health: Using Mapping and Spatial Analysis Technologies for Health Protection

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Air date: Thursday, May 11, 2000, 12:00:00 PM
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Description: Geographic Information System (GIS) technology has become an important tool for public health professionals to better understand health issues they encounter every day. GIS allows the layering of health, demographic, environmental and other traditional data sources to be analyzed by their location on the earth's surface. GIS is a tool that can serve a wide range of research and surveillance purposes. This program will provide information on essential GIS concepts and terminology, finding and getting data into a GIS, an overview of spatial statistical analysis functions available using GIS software, issues regarding the use of GIS in public health applications, and examples of GIS applications in public health practice and surveillance. This program will provide a live question and answer session, during which participants nationwide can ask instructors questions via toll free telephone lines, by fax, or via TTY lines.
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GIS experts from CDC/ATSDR and other public health and academic institutes, including:
Dr. Carol Hanchette, Research Triangle Institute
Dr. Bill Henriques, GIS Coordinator, ATSDR
Dr. Gerard Rushton, University of Iowa
Dr. Samuel Soret, Loma Linda School of Public Health
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