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Proteomics Approaches to the Determination of Proteins for Clinical and Food Analysis

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Air date: Tuesday, December 10, 2002, 2:00:00 PM
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Description: The development of reference materials and methods at NIST for important clinical proteins and transgenic proteins introduced into genetically modified (GM) foods requires analytical methods with high sensitivity and selectivity. In both cases, the protein of interest is usually present in low abundance among a high abundance of other proteins present in the sample matrix. For example, the concentration of human troponin I, present in serum after a heart attack, is approximately 1 ng/L, while serum albumin is present in the same sample at approximately 50 g/L. Measuring this one protein among more than 50 billion other protein molecules is quite an analytical challenge. Clinical methods for troponin I measurement use antibodies to perform this measurement.

Mass Spectrometry Interest Group
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NLM Title: Proteomics approaches to the determination of proteins for clinical and food analysis [electronic resource] / David M. Bunk.
Author: Bunk, David M.
National Institutes of Health (U.S.)
Subjects: Chemistry, Clinical--methods
Food Analysis--methods
Food, Genetically Modified
Mass Spectrometry
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