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NIH Research Festival Plenary Session 3

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Air date: Thursday, October 12, 2000, 10:30:00 AM
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Category: Conferences
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Description: The Utility of Whole Genome Sequences: Early Glimpses of the Sequence-based Era

The recent completion of a ‘working draft’ sequence of the human genome in conjunction with completed sequences of the nematode worm and fruit fly genomes provides a powerful genomic infrastructure that is accelerating numerous areas of biomedical research. The plenary session will provide an overview of the recent achievements of the Human Genome Project in generating whole genome sequences, including descriptions of the experimental strategies utilized and the associated computational tools being developed to assimilate and utilize the resulting data. Also provided will be illustrative examples of the use of genomic sequence data for pursuing important biological studies.
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NLM Title: NIH Research Festival. Plenary session 3, [Utility of whole genome sequences] : [early glimpses of the sequence-based era] / chaired by Eric Green, Greg Schuler, Nick Ryba.
Author: Green, Eric D.
NIH Research Festival
National Institutes of Health (U.S.)
Subjects: Genome, Human--genetics
Publication Types: Congresses
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